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Stories Of Kabir Saheb

Story of Seu and Samman in Mp3 By Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Banti Kumar December 20, 2019 284 5

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restoration of a Dead Boy Seu to Life by Kabir Sahib

Once, Sahib Kabir made a surprise visit to his devotee Samman’s place with his two disciples (Kamaal and Sheikh farid). Samman had a family of three. Samman, Samman’s wife, Neki and Samman’s son, Seu. Bhakt Samman was so poor that at times there was not even a grain of food at home. The whole family used to sleep empty stomach. Today was a similar day. Bhakt Samman asked his Gurudev Kabir Sahib, “Please tell me about your plan. When would you like to have food?” Kabir Sahib replied, “Bhaai (brother), we are hungry. Prepare food.” Samman went into the house and said to his wife, Neki, “Our Gurudev has come to our house. Prepare the food quickly. Neki said, “There is not even a grain of food at home.” Samman said that bring some on debt from the neighbours.

Neki replied, “I went to ask for flour, but nobody lent me any. Despite having flour, they intentionally did not give it to me. And are saying that today your Guruji has come to your house. You used to say that our Guruji is God. If your Guruji is God, then why are you begging? He will fill your stores. By saying such things they started ridiculing me. Samman said, “Give me your rag. I will pawn this and bring 3 ser (around 1 kg) flour. Neki said that this rag is torn. Nobody keeps it as pawn. Samman starts thinking and blaming his bad luck. He says, “How unfortunate I am. Today God has come to my house and I can not even feed him. Oh Parmatma! Why did you send such a sinful person on this Earth? I must have been a very sinful person who did not perform any virtuous deed in the previous birth. Now, what face should I show to Satguru?” Saying this he went into a the srore-room inside and burst into tears. Then his wife Neki said,

“Have courage. Do not cry. God has come. He will be hurt. He will think that Samman is troubled by our arrival and is crying.” Samman stopped crying. Then Neki said, “Tonight you both, father and son, go and bring three ser (old measure of weight; around 1 kg) flour only for the saints and the bhakts.” Then son Seu said, “Mother, Guru Ji says that stealing is a sin. And then you also used to instruct me that son, one should never steal. Those who steal are completely ruined. What are you saying today, mother? Will we commit a sin, mother? Our bhakti will get destroyed. Mother, we will suffer in 84 lakh births. Do not say this, mother. Mother, I implore you by myself.” Then Neki said, “Son, you are right. It is a sin to steal, but son, we will not steal for ourselves but for the saints.” Neki said, “Son, the people of this city dislike us. We had told them that our Gurudev Kabir Sahib (Purna Parmatma) has come. He had brought back to life a dead cow and its calf who were split into half by Sikander Lodhi.

He restored a dead boy and a girl to life. He terminated King Sikander Lodhi’s illness of burning pain. And Shri Ramanand Ji (Kabir Sahib’s Gurudev) whom Sikander Lodhi had killed with the sword was also brought back to life by Kabir Sahib. The people of this city are ridiculing all this and say that your Guru, Kabir is a God; he will also fill your house with foodgrain. Then why are you wandering from door to door for flour? Son, these are ignorant beings. If, today, Sahib Kabir will leave without eating the foodgrain of this city then even Kaal God will become so annoyed that he might finish this city. Oh, son! To prevent this mishap we have to steal. We will not eat. We will prepare Prasaad (blessed food) only to feed our Satguru and the bhakts.” On saying this, Neki’s eyes filled with tears and said, “Son, please do not say no.” then wiping the tears in his mother’s eyes, boy Seu said, “Mother, do not cry. Your son will obey your order. Mother, you are very good. Isn’t it?”

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